Your Best Choice for Salesforce Implementations

Penguin Storm is your sales system implementation partner, and your best choice for Salesforce implementations. We don't build one size fits all solutions--we work with you to build a solution that fits your business.

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We Make Salesforce Work. Better.

New to Salesforce? Not happy with your current implementation? Wherever you are in your implementation cycle we can help. We focus on optimizing your business workflows to make sure you get the most out of your Salesforce installation.

We're the the first choice for people implementing Salesforce for the second time.

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Salesforce Administration

Salesforce Administration services are available in blocks of 10, 20 and 40 hours per week with on-site or off-site time designed to suit your needs.

Sales & Support Implementation

Leads, Sales Processes, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts will all be customized to support the way you sell.

Mobile Optimization

Sales is a relationship game. Get them out from behind their desks and in front of customers using Salesforce1. We'll optimize your system to make your team's job easier.

Lightning Migrations

Salesforce's new Lightning experience offers features that make your sales team more effective. Whether it's Kanban boards, Einstein or Lead Scoring, we'll get you on Lightning and working towards the future.


The best system in the world isn't going to help you unless your staff knows how to use it. We provide training and ongoing support to your entire team.

Custom Salesforce Apex Development

Custom Salesforce Development is available on a project basis, or as part of our Salesforce Administration bundles.

Salesforce is more than a CRM--it's a platform that you can run your entire business on. With Apex code the possibilities are endless--automate billing and invoicing, calculate sales commissions, or eliminate duplicate data entry in other systems. Apex is a full featured programming language that can do anything you can imagine.

Evaluating your current business processes is the first step--we'll work with you to figure out where you can get the biggest bang for you buck with Apex, and build a roadmap for where you want to go to. All code is extensively commented and designed to be easy to maintain. Even if you've not a programmer, you'll have a clear understanding of what's been done.

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Custom Salesforce Apex Development


Custom Apex code can automate critical parts of your business, saving time and making your staff more efficient. Productivity increases save you money.

Triggers & Process Builder

Triggers are a powerful tool for automating your business. Process Builder requires no code. Using the right tool is the key to building a solid foundation for your future--we'll work with you to create solutions that work for your business in the long term.

Integrate External Systems

Combine your Salesforce data with information in your other systems to create a unified view for each customer and eliminate confusing multiple logins. Whether it's Pardot, Marketo, or a custom database we'll find a way to tie your information together.

More than a CRM

Salesforce is a great CRM but if that's all you're using it for you're not getting the most from a powerful tool. We'll look into other areas of your business where it could help--Support, Customer On-Boarding, and Marketing are just a few of the areas we've got experience in.

Workflow Planning & Automation

Owning a bunch of tools doesn't do you any good unless you've got a plan to use them. Getting the most out of Salesforce means making sure that you've got well defined workflows and business processes in place. We'll work with you to review how you're currently doing things, document that and build a plan for making things more efficient

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Workflow Planning & Automation


Documentation is an important training and on-boarding tool. Without it you've got no baseline on which to grow. Current workflows will be documented in plain language that your staff can understand.

Workflow Training

Training brings your documentation to life and makes your staff more effective. An in person training session also provides an opportunity for two way feedback that helps foster ideas for improvement. We'll conduct in person training sessions tailored to your needs.

Workflow Development

Small changes in workflows can lead to huge changes in efficiency if they're designed to take advantage of the tools you have. We can recommend changes that allow your use of Salesforce to sing.


Automating repetitive workflows leads to higher job satisfaction, better retention rates and lets your team focus on where they can add real value. We'll identify processes that are ideal for automation, and build your plan to get there.

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